Blackfoot River Sessions Gets Some Love from the Missoulian

Missoula Media Company’s live music project “Blackfoot River Sessions” was prominently featured on the frontpage of the Missoulian in June 2022.

“Thank you” to our community

First and foremost, it is an honor to be featured on the front page of the Missoulian, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to show off these local bands that deserve to be in the spotlight. Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been extremely hard for local bands to be able to play their music for a live audience to help them make a name for themselves in the local community. With Blackfoot River Sessions, our goal is to give these bands and musicians the attention they deserve, and to provide intimate interviews to learn more about each band and the stories behind their music.

“Thank you” to Junior, our first featured band

The article in the Missoulian by Cory Walsh is a wonderfully detailed and thorough look into Blackfoot River Sessions. It covers the origins of the project and also helps to tell the story of Junior – the first band to be featured on Blackfoot River Sessions.

Like many groups, Junior’s opportunities to perform live have been less frequent in the past two years.

Junior formed before COVID, when Caroline Keys (banjo, guitar, bass), “Hermina Jean” Harold (drums, guitar) and “Jenny Lynn” Fawcett (violin), began playing together. All three sing harmony and take turns on lead.

Cory Walsh, Missoulian

“Thank you” to the turquoise waters of the mighty Blackfoot River

It was important to choose the perfect location to film the sessions, so we chose to film the series right here in our backyard along the shores of the Blackfoot River. We hope that the setting gives the series a sense of home and personal connection for Missoula locals. We wanted to really emphasize the local aspect of the bands and how engrained they are in the local community, and what ties us together more than our beloved rivers and streams?

The future of Blackfoot River Sessions

Missoula Media Company is currently planning out the first full season of Blackfoot River Sessions, and getting the support of the Missoulian helps us get the word out there to attract additional bands and sponsors. We are stoked that our friends at the Missoulian were on board to If you’re a local artist or even a larger band please feel free to contact us to get on the next installment of the Blackfoot River Sessions.