Blackfoot River Sessions

A one-of-a-kind live performance showcase of Missoula’s local music scene.

Episode One: Junior

Filmed in the late fall of 2020 next to the Blackfoot River at Kettlehouse’s Bonner Tap Room, the first episode of Blackfoot River Sessions features a beloved local band named after a dog. That’s pretty much the most Missoula thing ever, right?

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Blackfoot River Sessions:

Part 1: “Goddamnit” Song + Interview

Goddamnit is a song that really spoke to us on a deeply personal level, in part because of the context of the pandemic and social upheaval surrounding the time the performance and interview were recorded. It would be an understatement to say that the song’s title appeared in our minds on a regular basis in 2020. And that gorgeous melody – well, we don’t expect it to vacate our brainspace anytime soon.

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Blackfoot River Sessions:

Part 2: “Midnight Summer” Song + Interview

An ode to the bonfire parties favored by young adults in the rural Rocky Mountains, Midnight Summer paints a scene so vivid you can practically smell woodsmoke. With a honey-dripping lead vocal, backing harmonies that will break your heart, and sublime violin work, Midnight Summer‘s sweet exterior is a perfect foil for its raunchy heart.

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Blackfoot River Sessions:

Part 3: “Blue Bathroom” Song + Interview

As deep and powerful as the Blackfoot River, Blue Bathroom is a searing, brutally honest postmortem of a relationship gone by. Anchored by a snarling guitar chord sequence – itself at times matched in perfect discord by a violin that sounds like it’s trying to escape its own skin – and driven relentlessly by a mantra-like chorus, Blue Bathroom will leave you feeling raw, and better for it.

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Blackfoot River Sessions:

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Bonus Content

Our goal with Blackfoot River Sessions is to continue to release additional content – including interview outtakes, song-only versions for your listening pleasure, and much more. Filming these talented local artists on the banks of the Blackfoot River lends itself to many special moments and we hope to share as much with you as possible on a variety of platforms including:

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