Custom Website Design – Don’t Neglect the User Experience

Custom website UX (User Experience) Wireframes are the foundation for building an effective custom website design

How UX / UI Wireframes can benefit your custom website design

When you start the process of building a custom website it can be easy to want to skip straight to the fun parts like selecting imagery and fonts, but doing so is like worrying about the paint on a house before creating the floorplan. Don’t cut that corner! Instead, keep reading to learn why every custom website design process should start with the creation of website wireframes, and how they can be invaluable to the life and longevity of your website.

The floorplan is the key

In the beginning of the design process, your custom website designed by Missoula Media Company is born in the form of User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) wireframes. These are the foundations of how your website will flow and function. A great way to think about custom website wireframes is like the floorplan or blueprint of a house. It’s imperative that your floorplan is well thought out, otherwise the rest of the construction process can be a nightmare. Custom websites need that kind of love too! Otherwise, you can easily end up with a pretty website that doesn’t attract or convert customers.

Don’t get distracted

Nobody likes a chaotic website. When you first start thinking of the custom website you want to represent your business, it can be an overwhelming task. Starting with UX/UI wireframes helps you focus on how your custom website will function and how users will actually use your site without getting distracted by all the colors, fonts, and images that can send you down a never ending rabbit hole. Focusing on the form and functionality of your website first will help you ensure that your website is intuitive and easy to use.

Missoula Media Company creates UX / UI Wireframes for every custom website design.

Considering conversion rate in your custom website design

With a well thought-out wireframe for your custom website you can boost your conversion rate dramatically. With a custom designed wireframe, you can simplify the browsing experience for customers and help to avoid confusing sales funnels and convoluted layouts. A well designed user experience the primary reason why we choose to use one website over another. People are attracted to different aesthetics, but one common theme that gets people to choose you over a competitor is the functionality and ease of use of your website. A custom website wireframe is at the root of creating a quality user experience, and is essential in optimizing your website’s conversion rate.

Missoula Media Company creates custom website designs for the modern mobile device.

Mobile tops the charts in 2022

  • Mobile users’ share increased by 5% in 2022.
  • 50% of B2B inquiries were placed on mobile in 2022
  • The average adult in the US now spends five and half hours on their mobile device each day
  • 60.66% of website traffic came from mobile devices in 2022


With people using their mobile device as their primary to access the internet, it is vital to prioritize mobile browsing over desktop browsing. Making sure that your mobile site is just as fast and easy to use as your desktop version will help reach a wider range of users and will make it easy for them to purchase products and services from your company. At Missoula Media Company, it is our mission to ensure that your custom website wireframes will get the care and love that they deserve, as they are the key in unlocking the best version of your online business.

Need help designing your dream custom website?

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