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Are you looking to hire a graphic design agency in Missoula, MT? Hire MMCO, a Missoula Graphic Design team with a 14+ years of professional experience in graphic design, branding, and motion graphics.

How should you go about hiring a Missoula Graphic Design Company?

There are a lot of graphic designers out there in ol’ Missoula, Montana. The fact is, you can call yourself a graphic designer with nothing other than a pencil, piece of paper, and some artistic talent. But there is a MASSIVE difference between your artistic nephew and a graphic designer who has spent years honing their craft and developing a strong understanding of brand development. Don’t cut your brand short by hiring a subpar Missoula graphic design company.

Some of our core graphic design services include:

Logo Design – Missoula graphic design for your brand identity

Logo design is perhaps the most important form of graphic design, especially when it comes to branding. Your logo is your singular symbolic representation of your brand. It’s your flag, your identity, your coat of arms – it should reflect and represent everything that your brand stands for. That’s why we recommend that all brands start with a high quality logo design provided by an experienced professional.

Our lead graphic designer at Missoula Media Company, Merritt Lentz, has produced dozens of timeless logo designs over the years for companies both large and small. He takes his time to meet with you and learn about your brand’s story, what it represents to today, and where its headed. Through the notes created in these discovery meetings, we are able to craft your brand’s identity (or improve upon an existing concept) in the form of an impactful, captivating logo design.

Business Card Design

Do you really need a business card designer these days? Hell yes you do…and you need a good one!

A lot of startups make the mistake of going with a cookie cutter design from Vista Print, not realizing how often those designs are utilized by other businesses. Imagine, you set up at a trade show, lay out your marketing collateral and business cards only to realize that the booth right next to you is using the same card design. Suddenly, the card will seem cheap, and unfortunately it can give people the impression that your brand is lacking originality or is into cutting corners.

Now imagine setting up next to a competitor at that trade show with premium business cards designs printed on high quality paper. At a very low relative cost, you have massively upgraded your presentation at an important event. It’s a huge win stemming from some very low hanging fruit!

Poster Design and Brochure Design

Our lead graphic designer got his start in the industry creating concert posters for some of the hottest bands on tour, and if you ask him he will be sure to tell you that he still holds a spot in his sensitive lil heart for poster design.

“It’s just fun to walk down the street and see physical marketing materials designed specifically for local businesses in Missoula Montana. There is something nostalgic about it, and honestly, we are all so burnt out on being bombarded with digital ads that I feel we have a bit more room for engagement in print these days.” – Merritt Lentz

QR Code Campaigns

These days, we make good use of QR codes and interactive online campaigns to bridge the gap between printed graphic design materials and digital materials. The combination of both truly is a one-two punch for any business looking to make a local impact. All of our graphic design materials are great candidates for QR code integration, and we believe that that going forward, it is silly to print marketing materials without QR codes.

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