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Are you looking to hire a website design agency in Missoula, MT? Hire MMCO, a Missoula Website Design team with a 14+ years of professional experience.

Over 40 Years of Combined Professional Experience

At Missoula Media Company, our lead website designer, Merritt Lentz, brings over a decade of professional website design experience to the table, and he personally spearheads every website design project. We don’t pass your project off to a junior designer while charging agency prices, and we ensure that every project, regardless of size and scope, will be a reflection of our best abilities and extensive experience in the digital marketing space.

Merritt is supported from a content development standpoint by our producer and lead writer, Nick Davis, who brings two decades of professional experience into each project. Nick helps to tell your brand’s unique story with the type of authenticity that keeps visitors engaged, scrolling, and converting.

Our lead photographer and videographer, Ben Zeimet, utilizes over a decade of professional experience to supplement your website design with rich media. Every video and photo on this site is here thanks to Ben. By adding custom photography or videography to your website design process, you ensure that your website design will leave an immediate and lasting impact on visitors.

Missoula Website Design – Do it the right way

Hiring a Missoula website design company can be a tricky process, because there are a number of well-established agencies that have great track records. However, the culture of Missoula is about being different, or as the bumper sticker suggests, maybe even a little weird. If you want to establish yourself as a true Missoula brand, you will need a website design created by a team that understands the culture of your target market. Missoula Media Company, being led by three longtime Missoulians, is the perfect team for the job.

Our Website Design Process

1. Brand exploration and collaboration sessions

Every website design project involves meeting with Missoula Media Company to discuss your brand, ideas, and goals. These meetings are true brand development exercises, and we use them to map out how a website design can produce an interactive expression of your brand rather than a cookie-cutter brochure.

2. UX/UI Wireframing

UX/UI Wireframing involves the process of creating blueprints for how a website is laid out, how users will interact with the site, and how the website will thoughtfully and effectively funnel users to key areas of the site. We create multiple wireframes during this process for mobile and desktop devices, and then meet with you to collaborate on how various visitor types will interact with the site. This part of the process also allows us to focus on the “electrical” and “plumbing” of the website prior to getting distracted by things like fonts, images, and colors. Refinements are then performed until approved UX/UI wireframes are selected for conversion into website design mockups.

Make sure your Missoula website design agency takes the time to create UX/UI wireframes!

3. Website Design Mockups

During this phase, we take the approved UX/UI wireframes, all of our brand exploration conversations to date, and create mockups of how your new custom website design will appear on mobile and desktop platforms. The website design mockup phase includes the selection of fonts, colors, imagery, and other core design elements for your website. We then refine these website design concepts until we reach final versions approved by you.

What happens after the website design is completed?

After your website design has been completed, we will move into the website development component of the project, which is where we write all of the custom code and integrate all of the necessary services to build your fully functional website. To learn more about our website design process or request a quote, fill out the form below or give us a call at 406-370-3405.

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