Mountain Gazette

Subscription Platform Development and Website Design

for Mountain Gazette

Mountain Gazette is back, baby. A revered print publication started in the 1960s, Mountain Gazette is what outdoor journalism and photography should be: real, authentic, and impactful. Mountain Gazette has featured works by the likes of Hunter S. Thompson, Edward Abbey, and John Fayhee deserves a website with matching qualities, and that’s exactly what we delivered.

Custom Shopify Development

For Missoula Media Company, representing brands accurately in a website design is of chief importance, and you just can’t get that with a boilerplate Shopify theme. Mountain Gazette is a massive 11×17 print publication with large scale photography and a clean back and white aesthetic with plenty of whitespace. It’s website is a spitting image of it, even down to the header underlines and borders.

UX/UI is the Foundation

The foundation of a house is the most important step in ensuring it will withstand years to come, that’s why we focused on building a great foundation for Mountain Gazette through UX/UI wireframes. This gives a very clear understanding on how people interact with a website without worrying about stylistic choices such as colors, fonts, and images.

theAnswer – a customized subscription management system that improves Shopify and ReCharge.

In addition to delivering a clean new interface filled with unique custom subscriber features, the Mountain Gazette website also includes a custom Shopify build featuring theAnswer – a Shopify subscription platform management tool developed by Merritt Lentz, our lead web developer.

ReCharge is awesome.

ReCharge is our favorite subscription platform. Why? Because it gives eCommerce businesses a one-stop-shop for customizing and managing their services. What makes it even sweeter, is that it gives customers full access to their subscription so that they can easily manage their subscription without filling up your email with support tickets to change, cancel, or pause their subscription.

We made it better.

In working with Mountain Gazette, we found that ReCharge, on it’s own, doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to managing everything that comes with the business like prepaid orders, membership discounts, and reporting for business owners. That’s why we developed a custom tool called theAnswer to streamline everything for Mountain Gazette.

Integrating Klaviyo

For an email newsletter and SMS platform, we choose Klaviyo. For one, we prefer the simplicity of the platform. All of the key features are readily accessible, and the platform is very intuitive for business owners. We also appreciate their developer-first approach, as featured in their extremely accessible and powerful API.

We integrated Klaviyo into Mountain Gazette’s Shopify and ReCharge instances, and with theAnswer we created some integration features specifically for their services. Allowing them to translate their fantastic print content into personalized emails so that their customers aren’t getting those boring boiler plate email newsletters.

Do you like the work that we did for Mountain Gazette?

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