Ben Zeimet is our lead videographer at Missoula Media Company

Work with a Local Video Production Company

Video is the most engaging and important type of media that you can create to represent your brand. By working with a local video production company, you can have create high-quality, engaging videos for your brand’s social platforms and website without burning your budget on travel expenses.

Benefits of going with a local video production company

Your brand can change the world. But you don’t have to travel across the globe to find a media company that can help you do it!

Here at Missoula Media Company, we can work with you directly out of our office in downtown Missoula. You can work face to face with our production team on all aspects of pre-production, from scriptwriting to storyboarding. We can easily set up local video shoots and bring top-notch production efforts directly to you or to your desired location while keeping travel expenses to a minimum.

If desired, we can also help to highlight your brand’s connection to Montana, as our team’s deep history in the Big Sky state means that we understand what it means to be a Montana-based business. We have access to great local filming locations, and are always committed towards telling the unique story behind the brands we work with.

Your brand can change the world. A local video production company like MMCO can help you do it!

Local company + high-end production value = W’s for everyone

Let’s talk about our video production process. We start with a crash course on your brand/company and the story behind it. From there we discuss the core of your brand and how to best translate that into video content. Then we work directly with you in the writing process, from script writing to storyboarding, we are with you every step of the way. When moving into production, we record with premium film equipment including RED cameras, drones, and audio equipment. Above all else, we place an emphasis on capturing and highlighting the unique moments in each shoot. For a great example of our end product, check out our latest project, Blackfoot River Sessions!

As a side bonus, you get to support a local business! We are active members of the Missoula Downtown Association, are involved in local nonprofit efforts, and genuinely care about our weird little town. Its pretty quickly becoming a weird big town and we want to help Missoula grow the right way.

Being local Missoulians we know how important it is to stay true to who you are. When you choose to work with Missoula Media Company on your local video production project, you guarantee that you are hiring a media team that cares about telling your story, not someone else’s.

Want to stay local for your next video production project?

Regardless of whether you just have a few quick questions / shopping around, or you are ready to get started as soon as possible, we would love to connect over a quick call and learn more about your project.